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8 January 2021
Information on new trade agreements

QuarticOn has signed an agreement with Nexterio, a construction company, to provide technology that automates sales in its online stores.

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23 November 2020
Black Friday, step seven: Look for more opportunities

Check out some other ideas on how to keep customers in your online shop for longer on this special day

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18 November 2020
Black Friday, step six: Personalised landing page

During the Black Friday period, dedicated landing pages also work very well – personalised ones even better. Learn how to use it!

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16 November 2020
Black Friday, step five: Personalise your offer

Personalisation of the product offer is currently one of the key trends in e-commerce that effectively drives sales, especially during Black Friday

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12 November 2020
Black Friday, step four: Make searching products easier

65% of customers leave online shops because they are unable to find a product quickly. That’s why choosing the right search engine pays off

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10 November 2020
Black Friday, step three: How to use marketing automation?

Make your e-mail campaign effective: learn best practices and prevent your messages from falling into SPAM folder

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9 November 2020
Black Friday, step two: How to use banners and pop-ups?

How to prepare for Black Friday? Check the first step and learn why banners and pop-ups are worth-using

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5 November 2020
Black Friday, step one: Before you actually start

Start your preparations for Black Friday with a detailed plan. Read the news and check which questions are the most important at this moment

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14 May 2020
E-book "Coronavirus in business: a prescription for e-commerce"!

Find out how, despite the existing threats, the situation of the e-commerce market looks like and what solutions are worth-using in times of crisis

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