A system based on artificial intelligence

that helps increase sales in the e-commerce industry by 15% using automated product recommendations

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Personalisation is our keyword

Regardless of the industry and assumptions of your e-commerce, we provide your users with personalised product recommendations thanks to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

We implement innovative and effective e-commerce solutions, thanks to which your online shop will earn more. What’s more, we perfectly match our recommendation frames to its interface!

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We have automated solutions

The degree of complexity of the service, the time of its implementation or available technical facilities is no longer  your problem. Our team configures the entire system for you!

Using the methods of marketing automation, we will increase the most important indicators and improve the sales process, which will result in a long-term relationship with customers based on loyalty. Thanks to us, you can enjoy the effects of new solutions!

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We increase your e-commerce indicators

Thanks to marketing automation, you can easily match the product assortment of your shop to each customer, which will result in the increase in sales. Individually tailored recommendations will reflect the needs of your users and make it easier for them to choose suitable products, making them want to buy more and come back to your e-shop more often!

You will quickly notice that the average value of the order placed (AOV) in your shop will increase by 13%, and the conversion rate (OCR) will be higher by up to 93%.

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We increase the profitability rate by 1500%

We offer you products that not only keep ROI at a profitable level, but, above all, increase it by 1500%! Our innovative solutions and long experience in working with clients will translate into your profits.

We will help you achieve your goals and measure the effectiveness of your activities. Try the trial today and check our offer!

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Recommendation engine

AI-based personalised recommendation widgets, which display content tailored to the individual needs of your clients

Marketing automation

Fully integrated with the QuarticOn recommendation engine, sending e-mail messages to subscribers of the online shop after a set time or after the system recognises a specific action from the potential recipient

AI Smart Search

Internal search engine in your online shop, which is based on artificial intelligence algorithms and integration of search results with personalised product recommendations

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  • free full client service support
  • all implementation processes on our side
  • solution perfectly matched to the appearance of your e-shop
  • an intuitive and easy-to-use system
  • strategies and algorithms tailored to the needs of your shop
  • free-access Help Center space with 250+ know-how and technical articles

Increase the competitiveness of your e-business with AI!

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We can make this happen.

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