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Marketing automation

Platform for managing an online shop, sales funnel, messages and contacts, fully integrated with our AI-based recommendation engine.
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What is marketing

Marketing automation is a collection of marketing activities based
on the use of modern technology and the automation of processes
whose main purpose is:

  • raising ratios and improving sales in online shops,
  • building a long-term customer relationship based on loyalty.

How it works?

Collection and processing of information about potential customers visiting a given website allows for sending personalised messages to them.

On the basis of available user attributes, i.e. his interests and
actions taken on a given website, our system automatically
prepares and selects offers, advertising content, and
notifications, and sends them to a specific, defined group of
recipients via e-mail.

The sending of e-mails can start by:

  • adding a specific group of users or an event,
  • determining their frequency in the client’s panel (with accuracy of the hour),
  • defining a product selection strategy for each message separately.

The operation of the marketing automation service is fully integrated with our QuarticOn recommendation engine,
and its scenario is based on the so-called client’s life cycle in the e-shop.

Client's life cycle in the e-shop

The diagram below presents a chain of actions taken by our system in order to stop the client on the e-shop site or to encourage him to do a specific action. Our so-called client’s life cycle in the e-shop is repeatable – it starts when the user enters the page and will not finalise it with the transaction.

Client's life cycle in the e-shop

  • Welcome

    The system displays new users a pop-up, which informs about the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter.

  • Abandoned session

    The system records a user’s abandoned session and encourages him to return to the site by sending dedicated discounts or a personalised product offer in a message.

  • Abandoned shopping cart

    The system reminds the user about the products in his abandoned shopping cart and encourages him to complete the purchase, for example by offering a discount code, presenting products from a similar category or cross-selling.

  • First transaction

    The system sends thank you for making the first purchase. The content of the message is up to you.

  • Coupon for the next purchase

    Along with thanks for the purchase, the system also sends a discount code for the next transaction. Our marketing automation service is fully integrated with the QuarticOn recommendation engine, that’s why we are able to ffer the user products from another category, e.g. cross-selling.

  • Second transaction

    The system sends thanks for the second purchase and remembers the client’s settings. This segment can be added a separate scenario.

  • We miss you

    After a set period of inactivity of the user, the system sends a reminder about new awaiting products. A discount code is also sent.

  • We miss you very much

    In case the previous discount code was not used, the system sends a reminder along with the discount code for the next transaction.


You can design your own e-mail campaign scenario and specify the frequency of sending messages. The example presented by us is based on many years of experience and cooperation with clients.


Innovative scenario



Fixed fee based on a monthly subscription.

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The final price is the sum of the base price and the price depending on the size of the base, according to the table below.

The sum of contacts in the database ≤ 1,000 ≤ 10,000 ≤ 30,000 ≤ 80,000 ≤ 150,000 ≤ 250,000 ≤ 500,000 ≤ 1,000,000 ≤ 2,000,000
Fixed fee based on a monthly subscription 79 € 159 € 249 € 499 € 759 € 999 € 1,699 € 2,399 € 3,599 €


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Sales Director

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