Fully integrated with the QuarticOn recommendation engine, sending e-mail messages to subscribers of the online shop after a set time or after the system recognises a specific action from the potential recipient

Use Marketing automation

E-mail marketing automation

Collecting and processing information about potential customers staying on a given website allows directing personalised and individually selected messages to them.

Based on the user’s available attributes, i.e. their interests and activities undertaken on a given website, our system automatically prepares and selects offers, advertising content and notifications, and sends them to a specific and defined group of recipients via e-mail.

Automate customer lifecycle management and help the customer do as many transactions as possible

The action scenario is based on the so-called client’s life cycle in the e-shop.

The diagram below presents a chain of actions taken by our system in order to keep the client on the e-shop website or to encourage them to take a specific action.

Custom-made campaign

Identifying a client’s type and expectations is the first step to success. The second is the appropriate response. Thanks to us you will generate a series of messages as part of the campaign: abandoned cart, post-transaction cross-selling, remarketing after the visit, mobilisation of passive customers or appreciating loyal customers.


Inform your customers what’s going on in your shop in cyclically generated newsletters. You will generate an additional shopping impulse by placing personalised recommendation frames in them.

Multi-screen customer identification

We give you the opportunity to identify a customer’s cookie, who when accessing the shop’s website, uses various devices.

Automate e-mail creation

Create e-mails that you see in your imagination. Customise the layout and appearance of images, add social media icons and CTA buttons.

The products in the e-mail template are automatically generated by the recommendation system and tailored to each customer.

Promotional banners and pop-ups

Automatic advertising surfaces and notifications in the form of pop-up windows, displaying content depending on the created user segments.

You have at your disposal:

  • welcome pop-up
  • pop-up on the shopping cart page
  • pop-up with a promotional code
  • cross-selling pop-up 
  • exit pop-up

User segmentation

Assigning users to groups based on:

  • their activity and shopping frequency,
  • their interests,
  • traffic sources,
  • specific action taken in the shop

so that the displayed content is directed to specific recipients.

Use Marketing automation

Ensure effective communication flow between you and your clients and enjoy the effects.

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