Black Friday, step four: Make searching products easier

65% of customers leave the online shop because they are unable to find a product quickly. Allowing such a situation to happen on Black Friday, the day when the traffic is increased and product assortment quickly melts, can be something your potential customers won’t forget for a very long time. 

That’s why choosing the right internal search engine in an e-shop pays off. What does “right” mean?

  • has autocomplete feature which shows search suggestions as you type in less than 0.5 second
  • searches and finds products despite typos and errors made by the user
  • supports synonyms
  • searches by product ID and SKU
  • facilitates searching through results thanks to advanced filtering and sorting functions
  • built on the basis of artificial intelligence algorithms that analyse the actions of each user on the shop’s website

Don’t know where to find all these features in one? The answer is here.

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