The recruitment process

See how the candidate’s path to QuarticOn looks.

Stage 1 – CV selection

A representative of our HR department thoroughly familiarises herself with each submitted CV. From the applications sent in, she selects those that best match the profile of a given position.

Stage 2 – Telephone conversation

After positive verification of your CV, our recruiter conducts a phone interview with you during which you are given a chance to tell them about your experience, learn more about our company and ask questions about the position you are applying for. At this stage, you can also set your financial expectations so that we can assess whether they more or less match the budget we have planned. We respect the time of our candidates and employees, which is why we try to verify the most crucial issues for us at the very beginning.

Stage 3 – Meeting in our office

We want to get to know you, so if the phone conversation goes well, we will invite you to our offices. The meeting is usually run by two people: a representative of our HR department and the head of the department to which you are applying. We try to conduct interviews in a friendly, non-stressful atmosphere – we want you to feel comfortable. During the meeting, we will tell you more about the company and specify your potential responsibilities. Also, you can tell us about your experience, interests and expectations of an employer.

Stage 4 – Decision

If we decide together that Quarticon is the company where you want to develop your career, you will receive an offer from us. If not, we will provide you with telephone or email feedback, because – no matter what our decision is – we treat every candidate with respect.

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