Black Friday, step seven: Look for more opportunities

At the very end of this mini Black Friday strategy guide, here are some ideas on how to keep customers for longer on this special day:

  • Think about the upcoming holidays. Black Friday is the perfect time to buy Christmas gifts. Remind your customers of this in your promotional campaign. Create a need in them!
  • Take care of users who make purchases through mobile devices. RWD is a real “must have”!
  • Offer cheaper or free delivery. Remember this is the time of an increased average order value!
  • Estimate the possible number of orders based on archival data. Customers will feel cheated if they order the goods not available in stock. Such a situation is a scratch in the image that hard to remove.
  • Each advertising campaign, including the one for Black Friday, must be measurable. Monitor traffic through Google Analytics. Check what customers are looking for and by which channels they reach your offer.
  • Prepare a gift guide, i.e. a guide to specific categories of products or in relation to specific attributes – the age of recipients, interests, wealth, gender, price. There are many possibilities. Choose the ones that fit your e-commerce.

Good luck on your Black Friday!

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