Black Friday, step two: How to use banners and pop-ups?

Your e-shop needs to be prepared to welcome 🛍️ bargain hunters. Start the information campaign by adding a banner on the home page informing you that you are planning special promotional campaigns on Black Friday.

Use this moment also to obtain contact data. Using a pop-up like Want to be one of the first to know about the highest discounted products? with a subscription form for the newsletter makes customers willing to leave their e-mail address and wait for information.

Also, don’t forget the goodbye pop-up. For people who want to leave your e-shop, it is worth displaying the so-called exit pop-up, i.e. a window presenting a particularly attractive offer that may persuade them to stay on the website and take advantage of the offer.

Pop-ups and banners are the essential part of our offer. Visit our product packages and check it out!

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