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30 January 2020
QuarticOn presents its preliminary financial results for Q4 2019 and announces positive EBITDA in December

QuarticOn's efforts initiated last year to remodel its sales processes and launch large-scale sales of SaaS products, coupled with a number of cost-optimisation measures, helped the Company achieve its predicted EBITDAbreak-even point.

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27 January 2020
QuarticOn reports a significant increase in its SaaS sales in Q4 due to its presence on new platforms offering software as a service

QuartiOn ramped up its SaaS sales efforts, venturing into e-commerce platforms in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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14 November 2019
QuarticOn publishes its Q3 2019 results. The Company focuses on expanding its presence on SaaS-based shopping platforms and making cost savings

Press release summarizing Q3 2019

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12 November 2019
QuarticOn launches distribution of its SaaS licenses on Shopify, gaining access to over 1 million online stores worldwide

Press release regarding the Company's debut on the Shopify platform and planned share issues

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9 October 2019
QuarticOn looking to boost growth and at exploring acquisition opportunities

Press release regarding the Company's development plans and possible issue of shares

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23 September 2019
QuarticOn gains access to nearly 14,000 online stores by launching sales on new e-commerce platforms

Press release regarding sales launch on CreativeSites and Shoper e-commerce platforms

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14 August 2019
QuarticOn sums up Q2 2019

Press release summarising QuarticOn's Q2 2019 achievements and results

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7 August 2019
QuarticOn available on the Shoptet platform!

QuarticOn's product recommendation engine already available on the Czech and Slovak Shoptet platform

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27 May 2019
Webinar about AI already available on YouTube!

Visit our YouTube channel if you want to listen to the webinar about how AI helps online retaileres grow and what is the power of Big Data

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