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Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

Why is Magento a global leader and what personalization tools does it use?

More than 5,000 functionalities, advanced AI-based marketing tools and unlimited scalability make it the most powerful multi-store platform

How to measure CLV?

What is a CLV indicator? How to measure it? Why measuring the CLV is so vital for e-commerce?

What are Google Analytics and Enhanced E-commerce?

How can you use Google Analytics to improve your e-commerce?

Why is it worthwhile to personalise your communication with customers?

Find out why you should personalise your product offer and how these activities translate into the functioning of the e-shop

How to write good content marketing texts for e-commerce?

What are 5 rules for creating valuable, effective and engaging content for e-commerce?

4 most common mistakes when implementing marketing automation tools

Read the article and find out what are the most common mistakes made when implementing marketing automation tools

5 most common mistakes made in communication with customers

Read the article and check what to avoid to keep store users with you

5 applications for marketing automation

Check what marketing automation is and what are its key applications in e-commerce

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