E-commerce university

Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

5 reasons why your marketing automation isn't working (and how to change it)

What to do when Marketing Automation is not working? Check what mistakes to avoid so that the automation tool generates profit.

Cold Email Outreach For eCommerce Sales: Does It Work In 2022?

Can you rely on cold email outreach for eCommerce sales or there is a better way to make e-mails work for you?

Why is Magento a global leader and what personalization tools does it use?

More than 5,000 functionalities, advanced AI-based marketing tools and unlimited scalability make it the most powerful multi-store platform

How to measure CLV?

What is a CLV indicator? How to measure it? Why measuring the CLV is so vital for e-commerce?

What are Google Analytics and Enhanced E-commerce?

How can you use Google Analytics to improve your e-commerce?

Why is it worthwhile to personalise your communication with customers?

Find out why you should personalise your product offer and how these activities translate into the functioning of the e-shop

How to write good content marketing texts for e-commerce?

What are 5 rules for creating valuable, effective and engaging content for e-commerce?

4 most common mistakes when implementing marketing automation tools

Read the article and find out what are the most common mistakes made when implementing marketing automation tools

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