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Backstage, the most interesting cases we have worked on and the unusual solutions we have applied


Implementing AI Smart Search from QuarticOn: the process of improving internal search engine in the online shop


4 weeks, 3 products, several dozen functionalities and only 7 actions on the client's side. See the journey of intelligent algorithms through Scandinavian e-business


Typical challenges in the fashion industry - maximise the reverse ROPO!


Maximising profit from one transaction - how do recommendations help complete a tourist backpack?

TOUS Polska

Which methods allowed the brand to replicate a unique shopping experience known by customers visiting brick-and-mortar shops?


How does the system of personalised recommendations influence the conversion rate and click through rate in the online pharmacy?

Księgarnia Edukacyjna

Learn the strategies used to increase the conversion rate from the basket and category page

Black Red White

Strategies used to increase the conversion rate and value of the shopping basket in the furniture e-shop

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