Privacy policy

What does privacy policy contain?

The following document aims at explaining in detail and in as-simple-as-possible way the main aspects of the Quarticon.com retargetting tool and the data collected using this technology.

What is Quarticon.com?

Quarticon.com is a product that specializes in creating personalized product recommendations on online-stores and advertising campaigns. We mainly work with the on-line stores by helping them create personalized advertising campaigns targeted at their visitors. Our objective is to provide well-aimed advertisements of a given store by displaying products that a visitor can be interested in on the basis of the system of personalized recommendations. Quarticon.com shows products using personalized banners which can be seen on the web pages where advertisements are displayed.

What benefits will you have by receiving the advertisements provided by Quarticon.com?

You will receive personalized advertisements which are more accurate in comparison with the standard advertisements that are displayed without the use of Quarticon.com. Thanks to this, you will see fewer irritating advertisements that do not suit you and bother you when you browse the Internet.

Does Quarticon.com collect any information about me? What information?

We do not know who you are. We do not know your name. We do not know where you live and work. We do not know your sex, age, E-mail address or any information that would allow us to identify you. We do not collect any information for the advertisers’ websites where you can see our advertisements. We do not store your IP address.

What information about me does Quarticon.com collect using its technology, and how it is used?

We collect only anonymous data. In order to identify which products you could be interested in, Quarticon.com writes down the data using anonymous cookies with the information which web pages on the website of our advertiser were visited (usually a webstore). The cookies store information which web pages were visited. In special cases, we have information about the purchased products. This data are anonymous and are used only for statistical analysis. There is no possibility for Quarticon.com to be able to identify the personal details of the visitor. Our advertisements do not combine the information about you with the information from the other sources. We do not collect any personal details that the sellers can have about you (last name, address, etc.). We also do not provide any data for the websites which display the advertisements prepared by us.

Where can I see the advertisements created by Quarticon.com?

The advertisements of our customers are displayed on many webpages of the so-called “publishers.” In some cases, the publishers can also place their cookies in your web browser. When a cookie is left, the publisher can see that Quarticon.com has a personalized advertisement for your browser.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored in the user’s computer in order to record and monitor the user’s activity on the website. On that website we use the cookies. We do not combine the information that is stored within the cookies with any personal details that you leave on our website. We use both types of cookies, both the session as well as the persistent cookies. The session cookies are used to facilitate your navigation around our website. These cookies’ expire after you close you web browser.

The persistent cookies remain on the hard disk of your computer for a long time. You can remove them using the instruction in the Help section in your web browser.

The persistent cookies allow us to monitor the interests of our users in order to improve the quality of using our website.

Data security

In order to protect the information, we have introduced the safety procedures for which we are responsible when sending and receiving information.

Storing data

We store all anonymous data that we collect (e.g. web pages that you have visited within the website of our partner) for not more than 30 days from the moment of recording them. After that time, all the data are removed.

How can I turn off Quarticon.com personalized advertisements?

If you do not want to watch the personalized banners any longer, click the link OPT-OUT. Remember, the function of disabling is also based on cookies. If they are removed from your browser, we will not have any information that you have disabled them.

This site uses cookies for statistical purposes, according to Privacy Policy.