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In this tab, we present a collection of marketing materials developed by us, reports, reportages from industry events and interesting case studies. You can find here solutions, which will help you optimise your e-shop. Thanks to them, you will be also able to learn the current trends in business development as well as useful tools in the e-commerce industry.

E-books and guides

How to prepare for success?
How to increase sales in an online shop during Black Friday?
How to prepare an online shop for Christmas?

Quarticon latest news

14 November 2019
QuarticOn publishes its Q3 2019 results. The Company focuses on expanding its presence on SaaS-based shopping platforms and making cost savings

Press release summarizing Q3 2019

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12 November 2019
QuarticOn launches distribution of its SaaS licenses on Shopify, gaining access to over 1 million online stores worldwide

Press release regarding the Company's debut on the Shopify platform and planned share issues

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9 October 2019
QuarticOn looking to boost growth and at exploring acquisition opportunities

Press release regarding the Company's development plans and possible issue of shares

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E-commerce university


CAC in e-commerce

How to calculate the cost of acquiring client and check which marketing communication channels are the most effective?

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Case studies

Typical challenges in the fashion industry - maximise the reverse ROPO!
Maximising profit from one transaction - how do recommendations help complete a tourist backpack?
TOUS Polska
Which methods allowed the brand to replicate a unique shopping experience known by customers visiting brick-and-mortar shops?
How does the system of personalised recommendations influence the conversion rate and click through rate in the online pharmacy?

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