E-commerce university

Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

Why is it worth to trust artificial intelligence in e-commerce?

Find out why it is worth investing in artificial intelligence and what we can achieve in e-commerce thanks to AI

Is AI smarter than a human?

What is artificial intelligence? Can artificial intelligence really match the human intellect?

How to prepare e-commerce for Christmas?

Learn how to prepare your online shop for the Christmas craze and how to promote it during Christmas

How to create UTM tags in the links?

How to mark the links with UTM parameters properly? What to remember about when adding UTM tags?

What are the UTM designations in the links?

What are UTM tags? Why is it profitable to use them? How to study traffic on the website with them?

What skills should an e-commerce analyst have?

What are the essential skills in the work of an e-commerce analyst? What are the main responsibilities of an e-commerce analyst?

What KPI raises QuarticOn?

How to encourage people to do shopping and how to improve the functioning of your online shop?

How to achieve a profit from an advertising campaign?

Find out which three proven solutions will help you keep ROI at a cost-effective level

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