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Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

ROAS - why should you measure this KPI?

What is ROAS? Why understanding it is so important at every stage of your company development?

OCR in e-commerce

How can you measure OCR and what factors influence its improvement?

Gross profit margin - how to measure it in e-commerce?

How to calculate and analyse the gross profit margin? Find out on which products your online shop earns, and on which it loses.

What factors affect the bounce rate?

The most common factors which affect the bounce rate and how to avoid them

How to generate a product feed for Google Shopping?

How to generate a product feed for Google Shopping and what are the ways to submit it?

How to reduce bounce rate in e‑commerce?

Five effective ways to reduce the bounce rate in an online shop

How to measure ROI in e‑commerce?

Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in specific channels and check the level of profits they generate

What is Google Analytics in e‑commerce useful for?

Why is it worth using GA in an online shop and what information does it provide about users?

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