E-commerce university

Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

When is it worth to start using the shop platform?

Check what should be considered when choosing an online shop platform and when to decide on its implementation

Marketing automation - facts and myths

Read the article and find out what are the most popular myths and the most important facts related to marketing automation

Is it worth to take part in Black Friday?

Is it profitable to take part in Black Friday? What are the benefits of participating in this promotional campaign? Read the article and find out

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing automation

Find out what modern online stores can gain with the use of artificial intelligence

Social media channels useful in e-commerce

Read the article and find out how to use the potential of social media and how to choose social media for an online shop

Everything you should know about the site migration – best practices

Check what to look for when performing website migration and how to prevent loss of visibility in search results

5 ways to save abandoned baskets

Find out why consumers are not completing transactions and learn 5 ways to save abandoned shopping carts

What is performance marketing and why is it worth optimising advertising activities in e-commerce?

Read the article and find out what performance marketing is and what factors you need to consider when optimising performance marketing activities

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