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Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

The not available product can also sell!

Find out what do similar products really serve

Examples of good recommendation practices, which you will use in 5 minutes

Learn some methods which will help you enhance the product search process

An effective product page in 7 steps, part two

Learn more methods to increase the effectiveness of the product page in your online shop

An effective product page in 7 steps, part one

Find out how to build a product page to make it as effective as possible

Order status generating an additional sale

Find out what to do to make your client buy more than one product

How to maximise profit from one transaction?

Cross-selling, or the technique of selling complementary products

Up-selling, how to earn more on one product?

How to use the up-selling method properly to encourage the customer to spend more money than they initially assumed?

Error 404 page that converts

Discover the key places of your optimised website that will help you increase sales

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