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Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

Shopify - an effective solution for e-commerce

Check which online store software is worth-choosing and what are the main functionalities of Shopify

5 reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts

Find out why customers abandon their shopping carts, which will allow you to verify your e-commerce activities

10 mistakes made by online shops

What makes some shops maintain a high level of conversion, and with other customers leave before finalising the transaction?

How to measure CAR (Cart Abandonment Rate)?

Read the article and find out what the CAR indicator is, how to calculate it and why it is so important for your e-commerce

How to use e-mail marketing to boost conversion in your online shop?

How to make the best use of e-mail marketing in order to boost conversion in your online shop?

Why is it worth to trust artificial intelligence in e-commerce?

Find out why it is worth investing in artificial intelligence and what we can achieve in e-commerce thanks to AI

Is AI smarter than a human?

What is artificial intelligence? Can artificial intelligence really match the human intellect?

How to prepare e-commerce for Christmas?

Learn how to prepare your online shop for the Christmas craze and how to promote it during Christmas

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