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Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

5 golden rules for composing e-mails to customers

Learn 5 proven tips on how to write emails to be effective and encourage customers to further conversation

What do you know about your customers? Segmentation of customers in the e-shop.

Why should you get to know your customers better? How to segment your target group in the e-shop?

What is marketing automation?

Find out what is the definition of marketing automation and what are its benefits for e-commerce business

Why is it worthwhile to personalise your communication with customers?

Check why is personalisation so important in e-commerce and how to personalise communication with customers

How does marketing automation help you recover abandoned shopping baskets?

Learn how to use marketing automation to encourage customers to complete transactions in your online shop

How to plan effective communication cycles with customers?

What is the customer life cycle? How to plan effective communication with recipients according to its principles?

When is it worth to start using the shop platform?

Check what should be considered when choosing an online shop platform and when to decide on its implementation

Marketing automation - facts and myths

Read the article and find out what are the most popular myths and the most important facts related to marketing automation

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