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Learn about e-commerce – a dictionary of key industry terms.

How to maximise profit from one transaction?

Cross-selling, or the technique of selling complementary products

Up-selling, how to earn more on one product?

How to use the up-selling method properly to encourage the customer to spend more money than they initially assumed?

Error 404 page that converts

Discover the key places of your optimised website that will help you increase sales

Shopping cart page: should we still try to sell there?

How to use the shopping cart page - about the recommendations at the end of the purchase process

How to use the potential of thank you page?

Optimising a thank you page - how to thank your client for their shopping and make them want to buy more

Empty shopping cart. How to avoid the most common mistake in e-commerce?

How to use the potential of the empty cart page in order to make the customer make a purchase?

Avoid the page with no search results

How to turn a potential failure into a chance for your e-shop? Discover a proven strategy for a converting zero-search page

Delivery terms and profitability in e-commerce

Find out how the policy of delivering goods affects the conversion and what requirements e-commerce is currently setting

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