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Banners, pop-ups
and segmentation

User groups, automatic advertising surfaces and pop-up notifications in your e-shop which display content tailored to individual users
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Promotional banners are automatic advertising surfaces in your e-shop, displaying content depending on created user segments.

Pop-ups are notifications which show up on the screen automatically and the purpose of which is to encourage the client to act, to pay attention to an unfinished or abandoned activity, or to remind him of the action already taken.

Both solutions use artificial intelligence algorithms, which automatically adjust the displayed content on the basis of the user’s behaviour on the website.

Examples of pop-ups:

  • welcoming pop-up encouraging the user to subscribe to the newsletter or reminds about a previously abandoned shopping cart
  • promo pop-up including time, product or cross-sell promotions
  • pop-up called after a specified period of inactivity
  • exit pop-up (anti-churn) encouraging the user to stay on the site and continue shopping

When pop-ups can be called:

  • immediately after entering the site
  • after the page is completely loaded
  • after a set time counted from the moment the user entered the website
  • when the user moves the cursor beyond the given page, e.g. on the bookmarks bar
  • when the user opens a new card in the background
  • when the defined action is taken on the website

What can we do with pop-ups?

  • put them in different places on the screen
  • display them at the moment of leaving the website
  • connect them with banners
  • use them to generate leads and recover abandoned carts

How do banners work?

  • Defining

    We define an online shop as an internal advertising network.

    Several banners can be displayed in a carousel.

  • Adding

    We add promotional banners through the panel and then display them to users.

    Banners and recommendations can be combined into one promotional banner.

  • Specifying

    We specify the display schedule for banners.

    Banners can be displayed for a given segment of users.


The way banners work is mainly based on the identification of the user who visited the website containing the keyword specified by us.

What else can we do?

  • we can eliminate users who have entered the site by accident by adding information about the number of times that such an event should occur before the user is assigned to the group, e.g. three times in 10 minutes
  • we can build rules, e.g. a user who entered websites containing playstation-4 or PC and took advantage of the promotion
  • we can add a rule to unsubscribe a user from a given group, which is created based on the analysis of the user’s visits to a given page, containing the selected keyword, e.g. thankyoupage
  • we can send an event from JavaScript, e.g. clicked on a given button, filled out the form
  • we can determine the lifetime of the target group with an accuracy of one minute, e.g. a group that left the shopping cart 5 minutes ago
  • we can read UTMs and traffic sources

What groups can we create?

  • New users

    Users who came to the e-shop’s website directly or by using the search engine

  • Users who buy

    Users who have made purchases on the site

  • Users defined by the traffic source

    Users who entered the website after recognition of UTMs or through redirecting links

  • Users who return

    Users who have returned to the website

  • Users who are interested

    Users who are interested in a given product category or brand

  • Users who abandon their shopping cart

    Users who have abandoned their shopping cart

Possible scenarios

  • New

    New users receive a widget with bestsellers or a banner inviting them to the newsletter

  • Returning

    Users receive personalised recommendations or a banner with with discount code for products from the most frequently visited category

  • Abandoned shopping cart

    Users receive a widget with products added to the basket and a banner with benefits for another purchase, e.g. free delivery

  • Client

    Users receive a cross-selling widget and a discount code for another purchase, which is valid for the next 14 days


Adrian Bera

Business Development Manager

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