QuarticOn begins a review of strategic options

QuarticOn has decided to start a review of strategic options. The review will include the analysis and selection of optimal solutions supporting the strategic development of the company, primarily in terms of further increasing the company’s share in the markets of Central and Southern Europe.

Currently, the share of foreign sales exceeds 30 percent of total turnover, while the Company intends to strengthen its position on foreign markets and increase this ratio. 

As part of the review of strategic options, various scenarios accelerating the company’s development will be taken into account, including possible acquisition or merger with another entity, involvement of a strategic investor, both financial and industry, or a potential strategic partnership with a foreign entity.

The key factor influencing the selection of the future scenario (or scenarios) will be the impact on the optimization of the issuer’s offer and/or a significant expansion of the sales share in a specific market. The aforementioned activities are aimed at accelerating the growth of the scale of the company’s operations, improving financial results, and thus increasing shareholder value. It cannot be ruled out that the selection of a specific scenario could also lead to a possible change in the current shareholding structure of the company, and as at the date of publication of this current report, no decisions have been made regarding the selection of a specific option for further development.

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