Information on new trade agreements

QuarticOn S.A. informs that today, i.e. June 24, 2021, they received confirmation of signing a contract with VisionExpress (medical company) and Miloohome (furniture company) for services delivering by the Company (personalized recommendation engine and Smart Search tool). In June this year on the Polish, Czech and Slovak markets, the Company sold 18 subscriptions* of the total value of 263 k PLN (58 k EUR) on an annual
basis. The conditions for the implementation of the above-mentioned contracts, including the possibility of withdrawing from them or breaching their terms, do not differ from the terms commonly used for this type of contract.

Conclusion of the above-mentioned contracts are the result of the development of the “direct” and partnership sales channel (including partnership with Orange S.A.). In the opinion of the Company, the above the contracts will have an impact on the further improvement of the Company’s results in next months. The Management Board of the Company expects to maintain a similar scale of gaining new subscriptions in the coming months.

* subscription – monthly, recurring fee for the one service on a given store domain

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