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12 December 2018
Webinar: How to increase AOV in e-commerce effectively?

Listen to our experts and find out what is the AOV, what it affects, and what are the strategies of increasing the cart value in your online shop

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5 December 2018
Polish Santa Claus buys online. AI helps him instead of elves

Polish Santa Claus has a powerful ally in the network - tools based on artificial intelligence, which influence cutstomers' purchasing decisions

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23 November 2018
Black or white? Friday's sale madness turns on the Vistula River

The popularity of Black Friday is growing year by year. According to forecasts, in 2018 the average Pole plans to spend 645 PLN and discounts will reach 46%

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14 November 2018
E-book: How to increase sales in the online shop during Black Friday?

26 pages of useful and practical knowledge about a one-day sale in the context of increasing sales results

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21 September 2018
QuarticOn with PLN 8 million from German ACATIS on its way to New Connect

ACATIS Investment appraised our company at PLN 80 million; we are on the way to alternative stock exchange - New Connect

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12 April 2018
In March, e-commerce received a Christmas gift worth millions: non-commercial Sundays

How does the phenomenon of non-commercial Sundays affect the e-commerce condition and what do Poles really think about it? Does it mean gain or loss?

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12 March 2018
The best Sunday in the history of e-commerce in Poland

Non-commercial Sundays gave a kick to e-shops and the share of yesterday’s Sunday in online transactions was 18% of their total revenues of in the last week

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5 March 2018
A trade ban on Sunday is 300 million PLN extra for e-commerce

The growing number of online shoppers means that non-commercial Sundays can cause an increase in e-commerce turnover of 15%

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13 February 2018
Valentine's Day drives European e-commerce

How does Valentine's Day affect the results of online shops? Which products are the most popular and generate the largest income?

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