QuarticOn with PLN 8 million from German ACATIS on its way to New Connect

  • The fund appraised the company at PLN 80 million. QuarticOn specialises in AI, selling solutions such as systems for supporting and personalising online sales processes.
  • The company, being the leader in its segment of the market in Central and Eastern Europe, would like to make a debut appearance at New Connect as early as in October.
  • The funds it was granted are to be used for expansion on to new markets and completing work on the solution according to the SaaS model.

Dr Hendrik Leber, the manager of ACATIS Investment, holding assets worth over EUR 5 billion, says:

Seeing what QuarticOn has already achieved in the field of artificial intelligence and being aware that AI is a thing of the present and not of the future in the e-commerce industry, we decided to provide QuarticOn with a considerable financial incentive to stimulate its further development.

QuarticOn is a tech company which has been growing for several years now. It has developed AI-based systems for supporting and personalising sales processes and online marketing. Such systems are used by e-commerce companies, e-mail marketing websites, and VOD, as well as by companies implementing omnichannel solutions.

Paweł Wyborski, the president and founder of the company, explains:

We occupy the leading position in Central Europe and our solutions are used by hundreds of companies selling via the Internet. Results? An average increase of salesthanks to recommendation tools of QuarticOn in such online shops as Castorama, Douglas, Black Red White, and Decathlon – by as much as 12 per cent. This translates into many millions in extra profit. Our plans for the nearest future assume engaging in direct interactions with investors in Poland. We are about to enter New Connect – we are actually so far ahead with this process that we expect to make a debut by the end of October. We are aware of our value on the market – ACATIS appraised QuarticOn at PLN 80 million.

The CEO of QuarticOn pointed out that the value of ACATIS as an investor is even greater thanks to it being a fund dealing with AI on an everyday basis. Its characteristic feature in that field is a selective and quality-focused approach.

Leber, who was awarded the Manager of the Year 2017 title by the prestigious Finanzen Verlag, claims:

Artificial intelligence is a crucial field of interest for us. We are perfectly aware of the future, potential, and advantages of such an approach to technology. After all, we have been supporting funds where AI takes investment-related decisions for several calendar quarters now.

QuarticOn systems are used by online shops and websites from all over the world. According to Datanyze, QuarticOn’s share of the Polish market exceeds 41% and the company is the main provider of personalisation and recommendation solutions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Baltic countries. The company also has an office in Great Britain. Its current business model assumes customised implementation of a solution for major e-shops and payment based on the resulting increase of turnover or a fixed subscription-based payment.

Paweł Wyborski also adds:

We are profitable in operating terms and our revenue is counted in millions. However, this is not where our ambitious goals end – this is why we invest considerable funds in SaaS. The European market is one of the best e-commerce markets in the world according to Ecommerce Foundation. In developed Old World countries it is to grow by 10 to 15 per cent annually in the years to come and the rate of growth in developing countries is estimated at more than 15 per cent. Additionally, our mark-up in, say, Great Britain are twice as high as they are in Poland.

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