After testing various solutions available on the market, DUKA decided to return to QuarticOn tools. At the first contact I was captivated by the quality of customer service, and this cannot be replaced by any sales and marketing jargon or numbers on the invoice. It is also worth noting that the customer’s panel itself is user-friendly and its operation is straightforward. We approached the implementation comprehensively, deciding on the full offer.  Thanks to this, we have a holistic view of what has changed and what the effects are, and these are really impressive. First of all, in the first month after the implementation of the recommendation engine, sales increased by 11%, and after the implementation of AI Smart Search by another 14%. The statistics show that customers stay longer on our website and more often finish their visit by placing an order. This is mainly due to the personalisation of the offer, the elimination of empty searches and effective communication. However, the biggest surprise for us is the 40% increase in the total number of users who use the modern tools – this is thanks to the 1st party cookie integration. Congratulations to QuarticOn on flexibility and good market research!

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