QuarticOn drives e-commerce in Europe

  • Creator of recommendation engine for e-commerce opens a new chapter in foreign expansion
  • The solutions of the Polish company are implemented by the biggest e-commerce players, generating sales growth of 10-15%.
  • QuarticOn is working on further products for other Internet industries.

QuarticOn, the European leader in e-commerce sales support technologies, has entered a new phase of global expansion. The company, offering its own recommendation engine for e-commerce, has launched operations in Serbia and Hungary. For several quarters QuarticOn has also been building its leading position in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and soon it will also start operating, among others, on the markets of Western Europe. QuarticOn offers its cloud solutions in SaaS formula (software as a service). Currently, the Polish company’s solutions are already used by customers from several countries.

Paweł Wyborski, the president of QuarticOn, says:

On newly opened markets we have dozens of new customers, and we are quickly gaining new ones. In Serbia, for example, we serve the Gigatron.rs brand, which is one of the three largest e-shops in the country. In Hungary, our engine is used by one of the TOP 5 market leaders, Aqua.hu. The best recommendations are simply the effects of the implementation of our software. Potentially, on the markets located south of Poland, there are several thousand Internet shops where the implementation of our engine is desirable.

QuarticOn business is driven by numbers. Thanks to the system of recommendations of the Polish company, online stores record an average monthly sales growth of 10-15%.

Wyborski emphasises:

The guarantee of such growths in the e-commerce sector opens the door to new markets. Already now revenues from abroad are responsible for 25% of our sales, our engine supports e.g. Ekuep, e-Saudi commerce, operating in Arab countries. In the coming quarters, the revenue ratio from new markets will grow dynamically. That is why we are also working on new, complementary solutions and software for other segments of Internet businesses

The Warsaw-based company is currently working on software based on artificial intelligence mechanisms, which enables fast and inexpensive implementation of the recommendation engine even for Internet sellers with low turnover.
Currently, in Poland, the solution offered by QuarticOn is used, among others, by the biggest e-commerce players such as Neckermann, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon or Black Red White. Poland, the home market of QuarticON, is one of the most dynamic e-commerce markets in Europe. According to PwC data, 55% of Poles shop online and the value of the e-commerce market in Poland this year will exceed the limit of 40 billion PLN. The share of online shopping in total retail trade in Poland is close to the level of e-commerce, for example, as in Germany. According to analyses, the whole European e-commerce has very good prospects: in the developed countries of Europe in the coming years, it will grow at a rate of 10 to 15% annually, and in developing countries by over 15% (E-commerce Foundation data).

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