QuarticOn announces it is set to break even in Q4 2019, and presents its preliminary financial data for Q1 2019

In the first months of 2019 QuarticOn ramped up its efforts to boost its e-commerce business and strengthen its position on the Slovak market. In Slovakia, the company signed a deal with CreativeSites, an online-store-design platform, to deliver personalised-recommendation & marketing-automation solutions. More than 400 online stores in Slovakia use CreativeSites’s services. Moreover, QuarticOn entered a strategic marketing partnership with PriceMania.sk, a leading comparison shopping website on the Slovak market. Bringing together the majority of Slovak online stores, PriceMania.sk has also been active in e-commerce education.

QuarticOn also completed the development of its first QuarticOn app for Shopify, designed to facilitate SaaS sales. The app tests for Shopify, a platform for more than 200,000 stores in 175 countries, will start this month.

We worked very hard in the first months of 2019 to streamline our development-project management, and put together an optimum product roadmap. Our plan for the next quarters is to focus on gaining access to sales leads through content marketing and organising webinars and e-book issues. Also, we’re planning to expand our channel partner sales in the second quarter. Based on our cooperation experience on foreign markets, we know that compared to building your own sales team from scratch, this is a more effective way to penetrate the market early on. We’re very much looking forward to selling our services via e-commerce platforms. If we succeed with our first app on Shopify, we’ll move on to developing more apps for this platform. And in the meantime we’ll be looking at our options for designing similar tools for other recognised platforms. We might also try to get EU funding for some of our projects” said Paweł Wyborski, the founder and CEO of QuarticOn SA.

QuarticOn has also announced some of its preliminary financial data for Q1 2019. In the period January-March 2019, the company posted sales of PLN 1.24 million (Q1 is usually the lowest-revenue period of the year), which were up by 17 percent y/y. The company had an EBITDA of PLN -0.78 million (based on result on sales) and a net result of PLN -1.41 million. The first three months of 2019 saw the company engaging in intensive development, optimisation and sales efforts, all of which inevitably affected its financial results. As at Q2 2019, however, QuarticOn is already expecting to see the first positive results of the reorganised sales model and cost-optimisation actions, among other measures, and to break even in Q4 2019.

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