User segmentation based on predefined groups

Possibility to create user groups in the panel based on existing predefined groups, e.g. customers with birthdays; customers who purchased X in time Y; customers who watched but didn’t buy.

User segmentation based on events/visit to a page with specified URL

Possibility to create user groups in the panel based on previously defined events (e.g. the first purchase of a product from a specific category) or a visit to a page including a specified phrase in its URL.

Pop-ups with recommendation frames

Possibility to enrich a pop-up with product recommendation frames.

Basic pop-ups

Welcome pop-up, pop-up on the cart page (with information about the products left in the cart, displayed to users who want to exit the shop without finalising the transaction), cross-selling (displaying the user suggestions for complementary products to the one which has just added to the cart), exit (displayed to the user when the system detects an attempt to leave the page).

Number of newsletters: 6 per month

6X contact tier email send limit per calendar month.

Number of newsletters: 4 per month

4X contact tier email send limit per calendar month.

HTML or drag&drop editor for e-mail messages

Possibility of creating an e-mail template using an HTML or drag&drop creator.

Cyclical campaign: abandoned cart, post-transaction, remarketing

Possibility of sending a cyclical mailing campaign as part of the scenario: abandoned cart, post-transactional cross-selling and remarketing after the visit.

Newsletter with product recommendation frames and/or discount codes

Possibility of enriching the newsletter with personalised recommendation frames and/or discount codes.

Basic newsletter

The possibility of sending a simple, informative newsletter without recommendation frames.

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