Avoid the page with no search results

When a user searches for the right product and finds no search results, it is possible that they will leave the site. If you pay attention to the zero-search page, you can easily turn your potential failure into a chance for the user to discover your shop’s offer. And as you know, the more involving the shopping process, the greater the chance of selling. Discover a proven strategy as a converting alternative to the zero-search page!

Avoid the page with no search results

The search engine, apart from just being present on the website, should also operate fully efficiently. There are many articles regarding database performance and optimisation of search algorithms, but there are no effective strategies for the zero-search page. The most popular solutions do not result in either sales improvement or session time. If the user does not find the product they were looking for, they will simply close your website and search… in the competitive shop.

Oops.. This page does not contain products

Even if the only message is no products found, the zero-search page still has a chance to convert! Each customer visit should be an opportunity to sell and the solution below will help you not to lose it.

In the place of no search results, use product recommendations

The most effective solution is to show your customers an alternative to the missing product and encourage them to continue the buying process. The principle is very simple: we do not have a product you are looking for, but we have the product that may be also interested in. The personalised recommendation system will be ideal here. It is important that the suggested recommendations are displayed in real time and correspond to the preferences of the visitor – then the opportunity to sell increases and we will definitely stop a potential customer on the site.  The recommendation is also a purchasing impulse for the user, which evokes interest in another product. Thanks to it, their attention is turned away from the deterrent no results message and you generate sales where you’ve lost it before!

Do not forget about placing a search window

Remember to give your client the chance to search the product again. It is very important to place a search window to enable the user make another attempt to find the product they were looking for. Stopping customers on the site will give them extra time to think about it. They may see that they misspelled the phrase (common typos), try to find a product using other keywords or realise that it was not the only thing that they were planning to buy. Thus, they will continue the search, will be more involved in the process and will appreciate the functionality of your shop’s website, which will ultimately translate into sales.

To sum up…

  • Avoid the zero-search results page that makes you lose sales
  • Replace it with personalised recommendations, which will help you effectively boost the sales
  • Don’t forget about the search window to give your customer the chance to find the right product

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