Recommendation frame on the zero search results page

If you already use QuarticOn’s recommendation frames in your shop, it is possible to implement an additional frame (Selected for you) on the page with zero search results.

Branding Powered by QON – optional

Optional Powered by QON branding in the search engine.

Powered by QON branding – required

Powered by QON branding in the search engine.

Refreshing product catalogue once a day

By default, the product catalogue is refreshed once a day. If you want to take advantage of the on-request catalogue refresh, please purchase a technical support package.

Search results sorting: advanced

The website user can sort the search results also outside the standard parameters, e.g. according to additional criteria (if available in the xml product catalogue), as well as according to behavioural data: clicks on the product from the search engine, product views, product sales, combinations of these data. Data granulation is available in the following ranges: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days.

Standard search engine results page

Presenting search results on a dedicated subpage with the option of paging results, sorting them (by default, by price and by name) and filtering them by a nested list of categories (three levels) and price.

Single product catalogue

Possibility of using a single product catalog compatible with the Google Merchant, QuarticXML or Heureka format.

Searching by ID/SKU

Searching by product ID and SKU without the use of quotation marks. The results show exactly one product, if available in the feed.

The most popular products

Displaying the list of the most popular products (for the entire e‑shop, not for a specific search phrase.) when entering the phrase (first 3 characters) in a small search engine (autocomplete) by the user.

Recently searched phrases (by a specific user)

Displaying the list of the last products searched by a given user when entering the phrase (first 3 characters) in a small search engine (autocomplete) by them. Clicking on a phrase leads to the search results. It is also possible to delete a single phrase or all phrases at once from the searching history.

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