Widget effects

Presenting products on widgets with effects that are available in e-shop e.g. special markings, highlighting, hover effect.

Action buttons on widgets

Adding action buttons to recommendation widgets (e.g. “Add to cart”), if such functionality is available on the e-shop with JS functionality.

Labels on widgets

Adding labels on widgets if they are available on the e-shop e.g. bestsellers, on sale.

Infinity Scroll – Bestsellers

Infinity Scroll functionality for mobile devices with logic: bestsellers.

Infinity Scroll – Personalisation

Infinity Scroll functionality for mobile devices with personalised recommendations.

On sale countdown timer

Adding countdown timers to recommendation widgets showing time left till end of sale. Information must be available in product catalogue.

Email widget (image)

Adding recommendation widgets to content of email in external system using HTML based on images.

Single product catalogue

Using a single product catalogue in recommendations.

Multilingual product catalogue

Supporting a multilingual product catalogue.

Mobile version – template

Implementing widgets on mobile version based on template available in QON Panel.

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