User segmentation: new, returning, existing customer

Possibility to create user segments in the panel based on their status, e.g. new, returning, existing customer.

Basic user segmentation

Possibility to create two user groups: a buyer and non-buyer.

Managing individual discount codes

Possibility of uploading discount codes and their distribution by the use of a static banner, recommendation frame, e-mail message or pop-up.

User segmentation based on external attributes imported with a list of subscribers

Possibility to create user groups in the panel based on their external attributes, e.g. gender or city from which they subscribed.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning.


Substantive support and the possibility to consult ideas on the use of QuarticOn products.

Support: e-mail

Technical and expert support at every stage of cooperation (sales, implementation, regular cooperation with the client).

Support: chat

Possibility to submit technical queries via chat.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Support and contact from a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

24/7: prioritising the SLA team

Technical team support available 24/7.

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