Exit intent pop-up

Pop-up displayed to users attempting to leave the e-shop.

Newsletter sign-up form – template

Form for collecting email addresses of users who want to sign up for newsletter.

Abandoned cart pop-up with recommendations

Pop-up displayed to users with an abandoned cart and attempting to leave the e-shop. Contains form for user to provide email address to send a message with items in cart.

Sign-up form – custom

Form for collecting email addresses.

Cross-sell pop-up after adding item to cart

Pop-up displayed when adding item to cart with personalised recommendations of complementary cross-selling items.

Wheel of fortune pop-up

Drawing prizes and discount codes after filling out form on wheel of fortune pop-up.


Support for configuring clients domain for sending email messages.

Image banners

Uploading and displaying graphic banners, without the need to engage the IT department.

Product MIX banners

Creator for building custom banners combined with product recommendation widgets.

Segment targeting

Displaying banners to defined user segments in e-shop.

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