Information on new trade contracts

Management Board of QuarticOn S.A. informs that today, i.e. February 19, 2021, they have received confirmation of signing a 12 months contract with Apart.pl for continuation and extending the scope of the contract to include foreign markets. Similarly, an agreement was also signed with the Czech company Urbanstore.cz (a well-branded clothing chain) extending cooperation to the Romanian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Polish markets, as well as with fashion store Clothstore.pl (for recommendation and marketing automation system) and Merlin.pl for the SmartSearch service.

The total value of the contracts signed on an annual basis is in the range of PLN 300 – 400 thousand PLN (EUR 67-90 thousand). The conditions for the implementation of the above-mentioned contracts, including the possibility of withdrawing from them or breaching their terms, do not differ from the terms commonly used for this type of contract.

Conclusion of the above-mentioned contracts are the result of the development of the “direct” sales channel. In the opinion of the Company, the above the contracts will have an impact on the further improvement of the Company’s results in the current financial year.

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