Up-selling, how to earn more on one product?

Running e-store is much more than just completing the assortment and handling orders. Your online store is no longer a trading company, but a modern technology platform. The key
to success is understanding which products will increase the customer’s ability to generate more sales. Firstly, customer behaviour should be carefully analysed and then the right strategy should be chosen. One of them is up-selling or selling a more expensive product with better parameters. Find out how to use it properly to encourage the customer to spend more money than they initially assumed.

Up-selling – how to instantly earn more

Up-selling is an extremely effective technique based on offering the enhanced item or a product of a higher class than the one the customer wants to buy. For example: the customer is looking for TV sets. The mechanism registers which models are browsed and what categories are taken into account (parameters, price). Then, these data are used to show them personalised product recommendations that are an additional shopping impulse. A bit more expensive items are displayed, but with better parameters. It’s up-selling. While the number of competitions is constantly growing, the advertising space does not increase. This results in a significant increase in the cost of advertising campaigns that do not directly contribute to sales growth. That is why it is so important that the customer who is already on your site, left as much money as possible. The proper use of up-selling strategies will be useful here. Up-selling not only generates higher sales but also affects customer satisfaction with the purchase of a better product.

First of all… recommendations on the right side of the site

Let’s be frank – if we want to offer a more expensive product to our customers, we should do it in a skilful way. Placing recommendations on the right side of the currently viewed product will guarantee that the customer will definitely see them. This is due to the natural mechanism: we always read from left to right. After viewing the product, the sight will automatically stop at its right side. What should we put there? Up-selling items that will increase the chance of more expensive sales. In addition, this arrangement makes the user feel as if an invisible adviser gave them a perfectly chosen product. The customer then perceives the products as a further offer, which can be browsed with one click. The recommendation is not perceived as an advertisement, and the user can compare the recommended products with the currently displayed ones. Such a customer will eventually buy a more expensive drill, and its higher parameters will affect their satisfaction.

Secondly… from the most expensive to the cheapest product

If we decide to implement a horizontal up-selling frame, the most important thing is the correct arrangement of the products. The direction of reading from left to right refers not only to textual content. In the same way, the customer will read your recommendations. In a correctly constructed recommendation frame, products are placed from the most expensive to the cheapest. The first positions on the left attract the most attention and are perceived as the most important ones.

To sum up…

Up-selling is a technique of selling more expensive products, which, if properly configured – allows you to instantly earn more on each transaction. So, let's give it more attention to maximise your chances for more sales. Two basic principles are:

  • placing recommendations on the right side of the product being viewed,
  • sorting product items by price, placing the most expensive product on the left side of the frame.

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