Examples of good recommendation practices, which you will use in 5 minutes

Running an online store is much more than completing the assortment and handling orders. Your online store is an innovative technology company. And if it is still at the stage of desiring to be it, the following tips will help to speed up its development. Enhance the product search process by implementing a few simple solutions that will not only impact on customer satisfaction but will also help you achieve your sales goals. It is about personalised recommendations. Discover examples of good practices that you will apply in 5 minutes.

1. Personalised recommendations at the top of the site

The largest increase of the recipient’s engagement is driven by the visual content – making the site not only impressive but also effective. However, important elements should be placed in the right place, which is where the visitor’s eyes first fall – at the top of your page. This type of recommendation works best on the category page that is visited by the client who is at the stage of finding the right product.
Recommendations – tailored to the individual preferences of the users – will definitely arouse their interest and encourage to make a purchase. Placing them at the very top guarantees the highest efficiency.

2. Recommendations of more expensive products on the right side of the currently watched product

Up-selling is a very effective technique and means selling more expensive products with better parameters in comparison to the one currently being watched by the customer. For example: the customer watches the drills. The mechanism registers which models and categories are browsed (parameters, price). Then, these data are efficiently used to present personalised product recommendations to the customer, which constitute an additional shopping impulse for them. Placing such recommendations on the right side makes the user feel as if the invisible consultant offered him a perfectly chosen product. The recommendation is not perceived as an advertisement, but the further part of the offer. This is due to the fact that we naturally always read from left to right. The same applies to visual content. The customer will eventually buy a more expensive drill, and its higher parameters will affect the sense of satisfaction.

3. Good name of the recommendation, that is, a personal approach to the client

Modern marketing tactics are actions directed at an individual customer, not – as it used to be – a mass audience. Ideally selected product recommendations should meet the needs of every potential customer of your store. It is said that an online store should have as many versions as visitors enter its platform. Let your client know that the offer is addressed to them. The recommendation engine’s algorithms allow quick selection of products for user’s specific preferences. Now, communicate it to them. How? Thanks to the personal name of the recommendation. The selected products that you may be interested in provide an individual approach to the customer and encourage them to familiarise with the offer. The customer is more likely to make a purchase knowing that you know his needs and present a product that meets them. Personalized recommendations generate up to 10 times more conversion than popular bestsellers.

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