The use of artificial intelligence in marketing automation

According to the report prepared by Kantar, artificial intelligence will be one of the twelve trends affecting the media landscape in 2019. It has many possible applications in an increasing number of aspects of our daily lives. AI is also successfully used in e-commerce and marketing automation. What can online shops gain from the implementation of artificial intelligence?

Personalisation of content

First of all, the personalisation of content. Experts argue that using AI will change the way messages are presented to the users of online stores. Static websites, designed in a universal way for all potential customers, are definitely not enough today. Implementation of advanced personalisation based on artificial intelligence will allow online stores to fully adapt to the needs and expectations of each user.

Websites created thanks to AI will be tailor-made, and visitors will find the most useful products and categories, indicated by the algorithm. After all, the individualisation of shopping experience is becoming an inseparable element of the fight for customers in a competitive market.

Product recommendations

Personalisation of content is not everything. Artificial intelligence on the basis of collected data allows improving customer-oriented recommendations. By analysing your shopping history, it is possible to accurately determine your preferences and offer products and services that are close to your needs. The collected information can be used in e-commerce to create product recommendations – not only on the website but also in e-mails and other communication channels.


AI enables stores to better segment customer groups and target marketing messages. How? Artificial intelligence is able to analyse large sets of behavioural data much more efficiently than marketers using dedicated tools. Efficient data processing makes it possible to increase the accuracy of selected strategies and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

This is not the end of the story – today chatbots are gaining popularity and changing the image of digital marketing. More and more often they can be found in online stores, where they significantly improve communication with customers who value their time and convenience. The constant development of natural language processing technology makes bots communicate with customers, fully understanding questions and constructing logical and linguistically correct answers. Similarly, although even more advanced than chatbots, virtual assistants work. They can be used in shops to answer questions about the parameters and properties of specific products.

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