Why is Magento a global leader and what personalization tools does it use?

According to Gartner and Forrester, Magento is a global leader in e-commerce platforms. It is the largest e-commerce ecosystem in the world. More than 5,000 functionalities, a range of advanced marketing tools with AI and machine learning support, unlimited scalability and Cloud versions make Magento the most powerful omnichannel and multi-store platform. That is just a short performance of Magento.

The author of the article is Vojtěch Košák from MageXo. He is an experienced e-commerce consultant, project manager and product owner. Before becoming part of the MageXo family, he took care of e-commerce development at Dr.Max for almost 3 years and before that he worked at Datart. He knows how to work both with a billion-dollar e-shop and a small company.

The main advantages of Magento

• Magento has been part of Adobe since 2018, and it is the combination of two rich ecosystems that bring high added value.
• Agility solution enables short Time-To-Market and long-term sustainable TCO.
• Magento manages multiple e-shops from a single admin panel.
• As a hybrid platform, it can also manage B2B and B2C from a single dashboard.
• Offers easy third-party integration and easy adoption of any innovations supported by a professional community of more than 400,000 members and community contributors.
• Magento has its Marketplace, which offers extensions with new functionalities and third-party integration.
With more than 150 language versions, localized expertise, and global reach, it is ideal for companies planning to expand (or consolidate).

Magento is a global leader in B2B

Thanks to its tools, the Magento platform is suitable for B2B. It allows monitoring customer behaviour, flexible management of pricing and discount policies, easy ERP integration, and much more. The service-oriented architecture is suitable for the implementation of headless & PWA solutions. Advanced features analyse a B2B customer and personalize their offer based on an automatically recognized location, language, and currency. Magento’s B2B features enable customer segmentation and pricing for different customer groups.

The system offers:
• the possibility of negotiating price conditions and preparing individual offers
• a range of payment terms and methods
• Magento is ready for integration with any ERP system using API
• dynamic catalogues and price lists tailored to customers
• the ability to execute large-volume orders by entering or importing SKUs of products into the cart, even using printed SKUs of product catalogues, which significantly speeds up the process
• recurring orders can be set
• Magento multi-warehouse tools address logistics and management of various entities

Thanks to its flexible interface and architecture, Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms in the context of responsive web design and offers B2B customers a comparable mobile shopping experience as in the B2C sector.

Customer experience

The B2B and B2C segments are increasingly similar precisely in the perspective of providing the best possible customer experience. Today’s customers in both sectors expect to receive everything „served” so that it is a good idea to choose an all-in-one platform for e-com business that uses the customer experience for continuous development. Magento works with Adobe as a digital experience platform (DXP) and combines and coordinates applications, including content management, search, personalization, integration, collaboration, analytics, testing, mobile and omnichannel support.

For most global companies, customer experience is a top priority, making them show higher year-over-year growth in virtually every customer lifecycle metric. For the second year in a row, Adobe has become the leader in DXP ratings for the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Adobe Experience Cloud is a DXP platform that uses AI and machine learning and unifies:

• Adobe Marketing Cloud – solutions for managing, measuring, testing, customizing, optimizing, and organizing campaigns across channels
• Adobe Advertising Cloud – unifies and automates all media, screens, data, and creativity, and gives you control over the entire advertising environment
• Adobe Analytics Cloud – uses tools to analyse internal and external data and provides accurate and understandable information
• Adobe Commerce Cloud – a flexible and comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of the business environment

All products work together, are strongly integrated with Magento, and enable real-time data sharing and the creation of a truly customized CX.

Magento and personalization

80% of customers prefer to buy from a company that offers personalized shopping experiences. Personalization is essential in both B2C and B2B to engage shoppers, increase repeat purchases, support sales, and increase conversions. The Magento function ensures customer segmentation and subsequent customized offer. It presents content, products, promotions, and prices based on their profiles, previous behaviour, and purchase history.

Customer experience is now as important in B2B as in B2C. In B2B, more people enter the purchasing process, and purchasing decisions are based primarily on logic. Unlike in B2C, where purchasing decisions are influenced by emotions. B2B customers may take longer to buy, but the advantage is that they can become repeat long-term clients with larger orders. The main goal is to allow B2B clients to shop online with the same CX as B2C. That is why Magento offers personalization tools for both B2C and B2B.

Adobe Target

It is an automated e-shop personalization solution that customizes content through testing. Creates customer profiles that he uses to personalize the omnichannel business. It uses A/B and multivariate testing on all channels from one place. Improves CX with AI-based automation and scaling. With a shared profile, it provides a consistent and customized environment throughout the customer journey, even as customers change channels.

Adobe Sensei

It is an AI and machine learning tool which helps create a better marketing environment for customers and enables faster decisions for targeted marketing. It is the use of AI that serves many practical tasks – obtaining detailed information about users and their behaviour, more creative solutions, speeding up individual steps and workflows, and making decisions in real-time. Adobe Sensei enhances the ability to create and deliver personalized services that anticipate customer needs.

Adobe Sensei is also the driving force behind the Product Recommendation feature. That is a beautiful example of a powerful personalization tool that can help you increase conversions, revenue, and stimulate shopper engagement. It offers 9 types of recommendations for your customers, such as the most-watched, most purchased, more similar, recommended for you, trends, and more.

What B2B personalization tools does Magento Commerce offer?

Targeted segmentation: optimize marketing activities with dynamic content, promotions, and banners based on features such as customer address, order history, or shopping cart content.

Customer groups: offer different products and prices according to customer groups or a shared catalogue. Based on the classification of customers into groups, it is possible to determine what discounts are available for them and which tax class applies to the order.

Shared Catalog: Magento Commerce offers B2B the ability to maintain shared catalogues with their prices for different companies. In addition to the main product catalogue, it gives customers access to two types of shared catalogues with different pricing structures.

MageXo is a certified Magento Professional Solutions Partner and Adobe Silver Solutions Partner. It specializes in the omnichannel e-commerce business and digital transformation for B2C and B2B. It is part of the Strix consortium and has more than 150 experts available. Thanks to the global ecosystem of Magento, e-com helps to change the world. It enables companies to expand abroad and, thanks to deep know-how and experience, creates its functions for better user comfort.


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