Pricelist and Terms of Payment

This pricelist and terms of payment (“Pricelist”) set the terms and conditions of calculation and payment of remuneration for the use of Quarticon.

Any capitalized items in the Pricelist shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Regulations.

The client should read the Pricelist before he starts using the website and the Service. If the client has not read the Pricelist, does not understand it, or does not agree with the content hereof, the client should not use the website or the Service.

The Pricelist can be subject to change, whereof the client shall be informed in advance. If the Client then wishes to cease to use the Service, the client shall have the right to do so within 14 days from the receipt of the information on the change of the Pricelist. If the client continues to use the Services after the change of the Pricelist, it shall mean that the client agrees to such change.

  1. Remuneration

The Service shall be provided against remuneration. The basis for remuneration calculation shall only be the data collected by Quarticon.

Quarticon’s remuneration is calculated as 4% of the gross value of sales generated thanks to the Service.

Gross value of sales generated thanks to the Services shall be understood as: the gross value of purchases of goods or services made by a user of the Websites, which had earlier been displayed to the user and which the user had clicked, provided that the purchase was made no later than within 7 days from the date of clicking on a product or service;

Discounts and rebates granted by the client shall not be deducted from the gross purchase value.

Value of purchases made in currencies other than EUR shall be converted to EUR on the date of Quarticon’s registration of a given transaction at the last average exchange rate of such currencies published by the European Central Bank.

In case of Client’s Websites generate online sales more the 12 000 000 EUR yearly, Client has a right to get fixed price monthly renumeration proposal. The proposal shell be adjusted individually to each Client case.

  1. Settlements

Quarticon’s remuneration shall be increased by VAT, if this follows from relevant provisions of law, in the amount indicated in such provisions.

Remuneration for Recommendations and Advertising shall be settled in 30-day periods. The date of the first correct registration of a payment card in Quarticon by the client shall be the beginning of the settlement period.

On the first business day after the end of a settlement period, Quarticon shall issue an invoice to the client. The invoice shall be sent via email or shall be available for download in the administrative panel. On the day of the monthly payment of the invoice Quarticon shall charge the client’s payment card with the amount equal to the remuneration due to Quarticon for a given settlement period.

Any and all payments shall be made in EUR to the bank account of Quarticon indicated on the invoice. Prices denominated in other currencies shall be converted to EUR in accordance with the exchange rate of the ECB on the payment date. The date when Quarticon’s bank account is credited with the payment shall be considered to be the payment date.

  1. Audit

The client and Quarticon undertake to maintain and store documentation concerning the calculation and payment of remuneration for the Services for the period of 2 years from the date of preparation thereof. Quarticon shall make such documentation available to the client in the administrative panel. The client undertakes to make the documentation available to Quarticon, upon Quarticon’s request – in the original, at its registered office or to send a copy thereof in a way agreed upon by the parties. The documentation can be subjected to an audit by a certified auditor. Should it turn out that the results of such audit of the documentation demonstrate irregularities in calculation or payment of the remuneration – the parties shall immediately and mutually make the necessary settlements (a supplementary payment or return of the remuneration), and additionally, the party who has committed the irregularity shall cover the costs of the certified auditor.


  1. Refund policy.

We do not generally refund cancelled contracts. For example, if Your contract is monthly and You request a refund after two days, no refunds will be admitted. No refunds are issued for setup charges, add-on charges, or overage charges. In case of AUP violations, any and all refunds are forfeit.