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Google Shopping optimised by our AI algorithm, which selects products and raises bids in real time
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What is Google Shopping?

QuarticOn Google Shopping is the integration of our AI-based recommendation engine with two Google solutions: Google Merchant Center and Google Ads (formerly AdWords).

We rely on an end-to-end delivery solution to support your business at every stage of integration. What’s more, in most cases, the work of your IT or software development department is kept to a minimum. The Google Shopping service at QuarticOn is not only about integration, but above all, smart management of advertising campaigns that allows you to maximize sales while minimising costs.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a catalogue of customer products shown in Google’s Purchases tab. The presentation of your products is based on keywords entered by potential users – the results are displayed in the search engine. This solution allows the user to quickly reach the product directly in your e-shop. With correct integration, the service also allows searching for products by their unique features. This set varies depending on the industry in which your e-commerce operates.

Google Ads

The second service we integrate is Google Ads, which aims to promote products from your catalogue. Recommendations are made on the basis of search results on the Google home page, in mobile applications and other Google services, e.g. YouTube. In addition, our advanced system of recommendations allows you to promote only those products that have the greatest chance of selling. This results in minimising Google advertising costs: CPC (cost per click) is lowered while your conversion rate is increased.

Integration process

Depending on the services you have, below is a simplified implementation scheme for the QuarticOn Google Shopping service:

  • Adding the script to your website

    Adding our script to the code of your website (one HTML tag) and, if using CSP, adding Content Security Policy rules for our domains.

  • Collecting data about your products
    • providing a list of products using a CSV or XML file
    • connecting the API key
    • launching a crawler that scans the page and updates the product catalogue by extracting available attributes from it

If you already have a Google Merchant Center account:

  • we determine if you already have a Google feed (if yes, we request to share it)
  • we verify if your website meets Google’s requirements in terms of product description services within the industry your online shop specialises in
  • we link your Merchant Center account with our Merchant Manager account
  • our team creates a special Google Ads sub-account  for you, which is combined with a shared Google Merchant account

If you do not have a Google Merchant Center account:

  • our team creates a special sub-account for you
  • we asks you to confirm your access to the website by adding a properly prepared HTML tag in the code of the website or by an entry on the DNS server


You can offer other users access to your Google Merchant Center account. They will be able to log in to your account using their own logins, which ensures the security of your login data.

Why choose us?

If you don’t know Google Shopping, we will
automate the whole process for you thanks to:

  • preparing your product feed in accordance with Google’s guidelines
  • setting up your Google Merchant Center
  • automatic management
  • optimisation and tracking

If you already know the Google Shopping service, we’ll make the whole process easier by:

  • managing the entire product feed (with possible exclusions)
  • optimising bid at the product level
  • integrating AI algorithms – ours and Google
  • optimising ROAS





Fixed fee based on a monthly subscription.

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Best for:
  • e-shops with their product catalogue not exceeding 500 SKU



Fixed fee based on a monthly subscription.

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Best for:
  • e-shops with their product catalogue ranging from 501 to 2,500 SKU



Fixed fee based on a monthly subscription.

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Best for:
  • e-shops with their product catalogue exceeding 2,500 SKU


Agnieszka Dziedzic

Sales Director

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