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Since 2008 Zdro-Vita.pl has been delivering health solutions to households and work places – everywhere, where quick and discreet help is needed. Its credibility, confirmed by a valid licence to conduct pharmaceutical activities, has allowed Zdro-Vita.pl to win the trust of its customers. The company has always put the patient first. And with the idea in mind it created a sophisticated program of Safe Shopping. Now, it it time for yet another step forward.

The concept

Zdro-Vita.pl was in need of solution what would make its service as individually personalised as possible. The company wanted every single customer to be able to find exactly the products they needed in a fast and efficient manner. This kind of modus operandi is especially important in the pharmaceutical industry, due to is overall value and competitiveness.

Why QuarticOn?

Due to growing demand, Zdro-Vita.pl has decided to implement the AI algorithm-based QuarticOn personalised recommendation engine that examines the behaviour of every individual user on the website. The system is designed to flawlessly match the ofeers with the needs of the customer and display it in real time, so that the customer can find the right product and in turn received the help as fast as possible. The company also wanted the system to be seamlessly implemented. Installing the QuarticOn engine requires inserting one simple script into the code of the website and takes less than 5 minutes.

The solution

  • Cross-selling and recommending similar items on the product page
  • Personalised home page
  • Personalised recommendations on the category page
  • Converting cart page


The multitude of sophisticated solutions has produced fast, measurable results! The system has encouraged the users to make an additional purchase even just finalsing the transaction. The customers have appreciated the intuitive approach and the broad selection of items in the shop, which, in turn, resulted in their bigger engagement and higher sales figures.

The cart page is one of the key spaces available in an online shop. It has an immense sales potential that is very seldom utilised to its full potential. Optimising the cart lets you turn this unused space into profit! QuarticOn’s recommendations have boosted the conversion rates to new, never before seen levels, and are now generating 15% of additional sales at the last stage of the purchasing process.

Also, thanks to QuarticOn’s solution, the click-rate has reached the level of 5% and the home page conversion rate has reached 8%.

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