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TOUS is a brand led by a team of hard-working, challenge-tackling visionaries. They have been active as jewelers since 1920. They have passionately worked to make TOUS what it is today – a premium jewelry brand, that is also reasonably priced. They have managed to win the trust of their customers and to tailor their products to the needs of countries in which they are sold. But most importantly – the company is still moving forward and evolving, it’s not shy of innovation and likes to introduce new challenges and projects, merging new technologies with traditional craftsmanship they are known for. Their goal is to make TOUS the most sought-after jewelry in the world. And we must say – they are on the right path to reaching that goal!

What makes premium product shops different, aside from top-quality products, is the quality of customer support. It excels and goes beyond average standards, serving even the most refined tastes. This level of attention to detail is difficult to replicate in an online shop. This means that a luxury brand is in jeopardy of loosing its USP – the unique selling proposition – a factor emphasised by a given company in a given industry.

TOUS has set its sights on trying to replicate this unique and premium shopping experience coming from brick-and-mortar shops in its online endeavors.

Why QuarticOn?

From a number of offers available in today’s market, TOUS decided to cooperate with QuarticOn and its system that allows full personalisation of an offer, letting you target the needs and expectations of any individual user. Using big data and AI, QuarticOn generates personalised recommendations that help your potential customers make a decision – just like a professional assistant would in real life. In turn, customers get product suggestions that match their needs and expectations, but are also able to discover new items and supplementary products that will inspire them to purchase more.

The Results

After introducing personalised recommendations the online user experience is similar to the one in a brick-and-mortar shop. The customers immediately began to appreciate the well selected product offer and an individual approach to boot. This translates directly into increased customer engagement and the average cart value.

The share of recommendation-induced sales has now reached almost 15% of the overall sales. Also, every month, over 100 products from the QuarticOn recommendation frames are being added to the cart.

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