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Skalnik is one of the most recognisable chains of mountain and travel shops in Poland. Since its founding in 1993, they have been supplying those who want to be active, and safely spend free time. In their offer, you can find everything that is needed during mountain hiking, climbing or other forms of tourism. The Skalnik team always strives to provide customers with the highest quality products. Extensive experience in the outdoor industry, gained during 20 years of functioning on the market, allows them to provide expert advice and the best selection of equipment, clothing or footwear.

Strategic goal

The Skalnik team perfectly knows their industry. They know exactly what their assortment is aimed at a very specific target group – enthusiasts of outdoor activities. There is no room for doubt: a customer who is very determined to buy will enter the e-shop website in order to choose a specific product, for example, climbing shoes or a vacuum thermos. Attracting new customers to the site is difficult for this brand – definitely, not everyone does mountain trekking, so the target group is limited.

Skalnik knows, however, that thanks to the right strategy, companies from this sector can sell products not only individually, but also in sets. Nobody will go on a mountain trip only with a climbing rope without having a proper backpack, shoes, and helmet. With this knowledge, Skalnik, as a strategic goal, chose to maximise profit from one transaction. The team began looking for solutions that will help them sell more, more expensive and more often, and thus increase the profits of the online shop with the same number of customers.

Skalnik chose the solution offered by QuarticON among other recommendation tools available on the market – the personalisation engine, which thanks to the use of numerous strategies, including cross-sell and up-sell, helps sell more and for a higher price.


Complementary products on the product page… to sell more during one transaction

Implementation of cross-sell strategy based on the recommendation complementary products inspire the customer to buy not one product, but the whole set. Recommended products make customers aware of the new need, the need arouses a shopping impulse and the clients add more products to the basket! What’s more, buyers are starting to wonder what else should they have in their backpacks before going on a mountain trip. Ah no, they do not have to think anymore – the recommendation system already knows what should be there.

CTR=5%, which means that recommended products inspire 5% of the customers to make another step on their shopping path!

Up-sell on the product page… to earn more on one product

Everyone likes to have a choice – your client as well. Thanks to the recommendation of similar items on the product page, Skalnik in a functional way presents a wider range of products and thus increases the chance of higher sales. Placing an up-selling frame on the right side of the currently viewed product means that the client receives recommendations as a natural presentation of the offer and does not notice a price increase. His eyes will stop automatically on a similar, but a slightly more expensive product with higher parameters and often this one will go to the shopping cart!

2% conversion from one frame on the product page, which means that 2% of clients will immediately decide to purchase more expensive products!

Intelligent overhaul thanks to cross-selling on the cart page… to get more than one product in the basket

Skalnik knows perfectly well that the most valuable customer is the one who is already determined to buy. Now all you need to do is inspire him to buy more. And what does a professional salesperson do when the client finishes shopping? He proposes to purchase additional accessories! And the same is done by intelligent cross-selling on the cart page – it proposes complementary products to the purchased ones.

Conversion rate over 11% on the last stage of the purchasing process, which means that every 9th customer will decide to buy an additional product.

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