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In the fashion industry, stationary shops still have a very strong position. The customer visits the shop, watches the product carefully, and then searches for a similar one on the Internet – at the best price of course. If e-customer goes to your e-shop, you have to do everything to encourage him to make a purchase.

Using the power of big data and artificial intelligence, you can create a shopping experience similar to that in a stationary shop. However, you have the advantage that the customer who uses the e-shop sees the whole offer and usually at a better price. Show him similar products and let him choose the dream one product!

Creating a unique and inspiring offer

When a brand promotes itself as offering products in line with the latest fashion trends, the shop must reflect this. To stand out from the competition, products should be of the highest quality and assortment presented with attention to every detail.


Enter the recommendation system! Thanks to it, the presented offer will always be in line with current trends and the season. You will also help clients discover the hottest bestsellers, complete matching accessories and inspire them to create all fashionable sets!

Maintaining the client and encouraging him to larger purchases

The clothing industry is strongly competitive. The customer has a large selection of similar assortment, which causes extension of the shopping process. That is why it is important not to focus only on attracting the attention of the customer, but above all, to stop him in the e-shop and inspire him to more expensive purchases.


Use the collected behavioural data to ensure that the offer displayed to each client ideally matches his needs. Dynamically generating recommendations select products aptly enough that the user completes the purchase process faster and finalises the transaction. In addition, intelligent cross-sell and up-sell encourage e-customer to make more expensive and larger purchases. This solution will give you a higher ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) for the same traffic on the site.

Virtual recreation of individual customer service

Using the big data power, you can create personalised recommendations that act as an intelligent adviser and which provide shopping experience similar to this in a shop with qualified service.

The OMBRE brand is a leader in the men’s fashion market – for years active in the industry and aware of needs a modern consumer. The team that creates the shop is a group of people full of passion and commitment. They know very well that what counts today is not only the highest quality assortment but also the possibility of creation fashionable set of clothes, without time-consuming exploration of the market. Everything is done smoothly, in one place and, at the same time, at the highest level of service.

The OMBRE team is also aware of how difficult it is currently to maintain ROI marketing activities on a satisfactory level. Fortunately, thanks to the system of personalised recommendations offered by QuarticOn, now they know how to stop customer in the e-shop and virtually help him in the selection fashionable sets. Because the most important customer is this one, which is already in the shop! Thanks to the combination of this knowledge with the courage to use modern technology, their customers are leaving the virtual cash register always satisfied as well most often with more than one product in the basket.

RECOMMENDATION OF SIMILAR PRODUCTS – help customer to find a product that really matches his needs

In the fashion industry, the customer has a huge choice range. Which product the client chooses depends primarily on his individual preferences. However, if you have the right product in your e-shop, then you have to do everything to show it to the buyer.

For this reason, the OMBRE shop decided to introduce a recommendation strategy for similar products. It helps clients in two ways. First of all: if the given item is sold out, it will be recommended very similar products. Secondly, if the product for some reason (price, dimensions) does not meet the client’s expectations, finding an alternative will be very simple.

The customer who has the option to choose products in the e-shop converts up to 3 times better. Do not let him go away empty-handed!

RECOMMENDATIONS ON THE EMPTY BASKET PAGE – inspire a potential customer to buy

We can indicate 4 situations in which the user visits the cart page, although it is empty:

  • the customer wants to review the items he has added to the cart at the last visit, but his shopping session has already expired;
  • he added products to the cart, but he was not logged in and the items are not visible on his account;
  • the customer verified the products in the basket and then removed all products;
  • the buyer does not know exactly the process of online shopping.

In each of these cases, information about an empty basket there is no other function, apart from information. OMBRE brand used the described situations in sales opportunities! How? Based on the strategy of personalised recommendations. Intelligent QuarticON algorithms help increase sales by accurately adjusting display content to a specific situation.

The user who visits the online shop once again, the system recommends recently viewed products and similar to them.

If the customer is on the site for the first time, the system recommends personalised products “Recommended for You”, which:

  • have similar parameters to those which were viewed on the website;
  • include current trends, best-sellers or promotions.

Recommendations are displayed in real time, and the content is dynamic. This means that if the customer has just removed the product from the basket, the offer displayed to him will be adapted automatically.

CROSS-SELL ON THE BASKET PAGE – generate an additional need at the end of the shopping process

A customer who goes to a basket page to finalise a transaction is a customer who is determined to purchase at least one product. The OMBRE team knows, however, that a correctly constructed basket page has the chance to increase the value of the order at the last stage of shopping. And they perfectly use this information using intelligent cross-selling! The complementary products presented on the site, match the product added earlier to the basket. Cross-selling proposals arouse new needs and inspire customers to buy again. As a result, on average, every eighth customer adds another product to the basket!


  • Average conversion rate on the empty basket page at the level of 19% and CTR more than 12%
  • Conversion on the basket page near 12%

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