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Księgarnia Edukacyjna is an online sales platform for one of the leading educational publishers in the country. It specialises in an offer targeted at teachers, instructors, parents and students. It has been supporting the educational endeavors of children and adults alike since 20 years, by offering handbooks, textbooks and other materials created by leading publishers.

The concept

The online catalogue provided by Księgarnia Edukacyjna is enormous, divided into sections by publication types, the recipients, authors, etc. The company wants to meet the expectations of its customers by matching them with products in a fast and efficient way. Additionally, the Księgarnia Edukacyjna wants to combine items from different categories, to generate more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Why QuarticOn?

Księgarnia Edukacyjna has decided to implement the QuarticOn recommendation system due to its effectiveness, low price and ease of installation. The tool matches supplementary products seamlessly, encouraging the customer to proceed with the purchase and in turn: it reaches the sales targets for the shop. The choice was also motivated by the simplified process of implementing the system. The QuarticOn support team prepares a script based on prior arrangements, while the actual installation requires the customer to only insert the script into the code of the website. This one, simple script produces amazing results and requires practically no optimising, nor implementation work from the customer.

The solution and its results

The users who have clicked on the presented recommendations provided by QuarticOn:

  • have spent more time in the store
  • have reported more satisfaction regarding the store’s offer
  • were interested in more than one product
  • have made purchases more frequently

After getting acquainted with the solutions provided by QuarticOn, Księgarnia Edukacyjna decided to implement this personalised recommendation system. Thanks to the fact that the system uses advanced AI algorithms, the users of the store see items that they might be interested in. The system correctly matches supplementary products and displays didactical materials with handbooks, thus presenting a broader offer to the customer. The solution has boosted sales figures, prolonged the session time in the store and has generated customer satisfaction, which can easily be observed in statistical data! QuarticOn relies on hard evidence.

Due to personalised recommendations Księgarnia Edukacyjna has reached:

  • category page conversion rate of 12.67%
  • cart page conversion rate of 31.16%

Personalised recommendations Recommended for you

A modern customer expects modern solutions. Personalised recommendations are indispensable in finding just the right product in no time at all. To be able to display products that can be interesting for a customer, Księgarnia Edukacyjna has decided to implement a solution in the form of Recommended for you recommendations on its home page. This allows for fast and easy, automatic product matching to meet the expectations of an individual user. The customers see personalised recommendations just after entering the website – this helps in guiding customers to different product pages and makes the purchase process comfortable and extra-easy. Księgarnia Edukacyjna can keep more customers on their website and makes its online store much more user-friendly.

A personalised category page

Personalised recommendations have translated into a category page conversion rate of: 12.67%. Customers who know what they are looking for are customers who are a step away from making a purchase. To take care of those who have already made up their mind, Księgarnia Edukacyjna has decided to use personalised recommendations on the category page – this allows for fast access to the product the users are looking for. Customers who are interested in fantasy books see a personalised offer that can help make a decision and will shorten the search time significantly.

A personalised cart page

A completed purchase does not have to mean that customers are walking away from the digital cash register! Thanks to personalised recommendations the store was able to increase its cart page conversion rate to  31.16%. Based on the collected data, QuarticOn has prepared a personalised cart page. Księgarnia Edukacyjna has once again decided to take care of those customer, who have already made up their mind and in turn: it is displaying product recommendations just under the shopping cart. Users have a chance to see products that other customers have already bought. A space that otherwise would remain blank, has been rearranged in an optimal, efficient way and as a result: it is producing higher sales.

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