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4 weeks, 3 products, several dozen functionalities and only 7 actions on the client’s side – this was the implementation of QuarticOn solutions in Duka, one of the most famous brands in the interior design sector, which comes from Sweden.

As part of the New Year’s wake-up call, we present to you our latest case study, from which you will learn what challenges the client set to us, what were the results of the changes applied and why it is worth approaching the topic comprehensively.

Get results that speak for themselves, including:

  • conversion from recommendation frames compared to the previous technology provider is higher by 72%
  • bounce rate for e-mail marketing is lower by 68%
  • conversion from e-mail marketing compared to the previous technology provider is higher by 36%
  • 25% of sales is generated by the AI ​​Smart Search engine

and decide if you too want to achieve your e-business goals and share the enthusiasm of our customers.

Click here to go to the case study.

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