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We are a technology-oriented company, the creator of support systems, personalisation of sales systems, and Internet marketing processes.

Advanced technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms allow you to record data about the behaviour and needs of each user. The task of our systems is to analyse this data, create individual shopping profiles, and then display personalised offers in real time. After the implementation of the solutions that we propose, online shops have up to a 15% increase in sales and triple customer engagement.

QuarticOn system is a cloud solution delivered in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which allows it to be quickly implemented and used anywhere in the world.

We direct our products and services to medium and large online shops, commercial companies operating in many e-commerce channels and video content operators. Also, we offer flexible cooperation models and high-quality customer service. Our clients settle on the basis of a fixed subscription (flat fee) or a commission fee charged only on sales generated through QuarticOn.

Our strategic plan primarily assumes dynamic organic growth in line with the market trends implemented through:

  • strengthening the position on existing markets and entering new, foreign markets by increasing the scale and effectiveness of activities focusing on gaining customers,
  • introducing new products and modules, which should result in increasing the average monthly revenue from the client,
  • entering a new segment of small online shops operating on SaaS e-commerce platforms; the launching of a maintenance-free sales channel in the SaaS model included
  • developing sales of a video recommendation engine dedicated to corporate clients
  • improving the profitability due to the growing scale and effective distribution of fixed costs
Full name QuarticOn joint-stock company
Short name QuarticOn S.A.
Quotation market NewConnect
Address Al. Jerozolimskie 123A,
02-017 Warsaw
Phone +48 22 844 02 51
E-mail investors@quarticon.com
Website www.quarticon.com
CEO Paweł Wyborski
Market maker

Brokerage house BDM S.A.

ul. Stojałowskiego 27
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
phone: 33 812-84-40
fax: 33 812-84-42
e-mail: bdm@bdm.pl

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Dates of publication of periodic reports

Date of publication Name of the report
15.02.2021 Unitary quarterly report for 4Q2020
31.05.2021 Unitary annual report for 2020
17.05.2021 Unitary quarterly report for 1Q2021
16.08.2021 Unitary quarterly report for 2Q2021
15.11.2021 Unitary quarterly report for 3Q2021

The e-commerce market

The e-commerce market is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the global economy. According to Euromonitor, the overall share of the e-commerce sector in retail trade has already reached 7%. Around the world, 45% of the population has access to the Internet, of which 26% also do shopping online. As eMarketer points out, the average annual value of Internet shopping in the world is USD 1582 per person.

With the spread of the Internet, all these above-mentioned indicators are growing year by year, resulting in an increase in the number of online shops and the development of platforms, programmes, and services for people trading online.

The European market is one of the best-developed e-commerce markets in the world. According to the Ecommerce Foundation, in the coming years, the growth rate in the developed countries of the old continent will be from 10 to 15% per year, and in developing countries – over 15%. About 75% of Europeans use the Internet, and Internet commerce penetrates 43% of the population.

Poland, the home market of QuarticOn, is one of the most dynamically growing e-commerce markets in Europe. According to PwC, 55% of Poles shop online and the value of the e-commerce market in Poland has already exceeded PLN 34 billion. The share of online purchases in total retail trade is close to the level present in Germany.

The value of Central European markets, where QuarticOn is a leader in product recommendation systems, is appreciated by the largest players in the online retail segment, including Zalando and Amazon. The presence of a growing number of local players, such as Allegro, Morele or Empik, is also important.

Our position on the market

QuarticOn is a leader in Central Europe – according to Datanyze, we have 41.5% shares in Poland, we are also the dominant provider of personalisation and recommendation solutions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Baltic States. QuarticOn systems are also popular in e-shops and websites in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Total worldwide retail sales in 2015-2020

Income in trillions and percentage changes

Attention! Excludes travel tickets and events. Source: eMarketer, August 2016

Top 5 trends in e-commerce according to experts:

China's growing importance in online commerce

Real-time activities

Fast growth of the B2B area in e-commerce

Mobility setting the direction of the sector's development

Personalisation of products and offers

How was our company created?

QuarticOn was established on the initiative of a group of analysts and IT specialists working on the use of data for sales optimisation, then for large corporations. Striving to apply their skills to the growing e-commerce market in Poland, initially they dealt with advisory and training activities. Very soon, however, it turned out that apart from expert knowledge, emerging online shops needed tools that, on one hand, would improve the efficiency of sales, and on the other, would be able to use the collected data to acquire information. The essence of the challenge was that these solutions needed to work in real time and with minimal human participation.

Responding to such a defined market need, a system was created to analyse data and use them to generate QuarticOn product recommendations. This system is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that, thanks to advanced predictive tools, can indicate the optimal product offer for every person based on input data. It also allows you to customise the functionality to the needs of each online shop and automate product consulting and marketing processes, creating an autonomous system operating in real time. Thanks to this, sales platforms increase their business efficiency, while reducing costs and increasing unit and long-term sales.

Since then, the company’s mission has been to support the e-commerce sector by personalising offers so that every customer of any shop will receive specially selected products for her or him and thus will buy more products, more often, and with greater pleasure.

QuarticOn Management

  • Pawe┼é Wyborski
    Founder, CEO
  • Micha┼é Giergielewicz

Supervisory Board

  • Oktawian Jaworek
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Justyna Spytek
    Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Pawe┼é Lebiedzi┼äski
    Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Bart┼éomiej ┼üagowski
    Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Pawe┼é Chojecki
    Member of the Supervisory Board


Major shareholder The number of votes and percentage share at the GM The share capital and total number of votes at the GM
Venture FIZ 251 000 17,87%
CBNC Capital Solutions Ltd 187 031 13,32%
Paweł Wyborski 171 870 12,24%
ACATIS Investments KVG mbH 134 100 9,55%
Q Free Trading Limited 123 500 8,79%
Kamil Cisło 118 500 8,44%
Paulina Zamojska 72 574 5,17%
Others 345 725 24,62%
Total 1 404 300 100,0%

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