Personalized Video recommendations

Boost the ratings up by 15% by offering your users videos that they are genuinely interested in!

How does it work?

The QuarticON VOD tool analyses users’ preferences and displays videos that they might find interesting.

he user visits your website and browses through the available video content

The System registers behavioral patterns of the user

Based on the collected information the system displays recommendations that match the user’s interests

Light Bulb

AI algorithms


Cloud computing-based system

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Real-time recommendations

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Effectiveness proven in A/B tests

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Multichannel reporting


Big data analysis

Why do you need VOD recommendations?

Research indicates that an average user looses interest after watching 10-20 items

You are left with only 90 seconds to help your users find the video they are looking for

After this short time users usually move to a different website to try and find what they were looking for

Intelligent, personalized recommendations don’t only boost numbers – they also engage the users and help build brand loyalty

The most important recommendation strategies

  • Selected for you

    Personalized recommendations based on the user’s website activity.

  • Similar videos

    The materials are similar to the ones previously watched, or browsed on the website.

    They are selected by analyzing the behavioral pattern of the user.

  • Because you’ve watched

    Recommendations match the content that has already been displayed in the past.

  • Top trends

    The videos are selected from whatever’s trending at the moment. If the user has already seen them, they will not be displayed as a recommendation. Easy.

  • More in this category

    Video recommendations that include a category filter.

One simple script for any website

The installation takes no longer than 5 minutes! We configure the system for you, while the installation is as simple installing one simple script on the website.

Rest API for any mobile device

The Rest API provides integration with other devices, such as smartphones, Smart TVs and video game consoles. The QuarticON Team creates a strategy for every device and configures the system to reach optimal compatibility.

Introduce personalize VOD recommendations today and boost your website hits by up to 15%!