Personalized product recommendations in Email

Increase the efficiency of your mailing campaigns by up to 300% with personalized recommendations!

How it works?

The QuarticON system uses cutting-edge Deep Machine Learning algorithms that automatically collect the activity data about every individual user in the e-store and use this data to create a product offer that matches their needs!

The product recommendations are displayed as images in thecode of the email.

In a few easy clicks you design your recommendations by using creator widget in the QuarticON Panel.

The product recommendations are dynamically generated based on the store product catalogue. As a result, every client receives a different, personalized offer in the email!

Personalized-product-recommendation-infused e-mail

Thanks to our personalized product recommendations you can now build your e-mail advertising campaign around a number of efficient tactical maneuvers. It all depends on what kind of recommendations you’ll include into your mailing activities!

Here are some examples of strategies you can use upon integrating our system with your e-mail marketing tool:

Abandoned carts

Create win-back campaigns and recover up to 23% of sales opportunities by re-engaging customers who have abandoned their carts! An individually selected recommendation will remind them of their needs and reignite the shopping impulse!

The Strategy:

Products that have been abandoned in the cart and personalized, similar products have the highest scoring ratio.

Cross-selling in transactional e-mails

Encourage your customers to make additional purchases by adding personalized product recommendations to purchase confirmation e-mails and order status messages. The open-ration of such e-mails is 100%, which means 100% more chances for you to make a sale.

The Strategy:

Intelligent cross-selling that suggests complementary products.

E-mail re-marketing

Create more efficient e-mail campaigns and sell up to 32% more! Engage potential customers who have abandoned the purchasing process at an early stage by sending them a personalized product offer via e-mail.

The Strategy:

Personalized recommendations that match the customers’ latest store activity, plus the current trends and bestsellers for users who have only visited the home page of the store.

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